Harvesting machine for red currant, aronia, rosehip, raspberry (polana) SP-09

Technical data

Length: 6 m
Width: 2,5 m
Height: 3 m
Weight: 2.300 кg

Conditions for mechanical harvest

There must be 1,3m of free space between the rows.

Lower cost of harvest

Easy to operate


A half of tree-line at once


Self-propelled machine (diesel engine 35HP)


-TThis machine can be used for harvesting, cleaning and packing raspberries (Polka, Polana, Heritage…) It is made as self-propelled machine (diesel engine 35HP).
-Machine has hydraulic steering wheel and hydraulic engines on every driving wheel.
-Once declined, fruit falls on a conveyer which carries it to the fan. The fan removes all leaves, branches… and clean fruit comes into the boxes.
-Machine can harvest a half of tree-line at once (one side). The whole tree-line is harvested in two passages.
-There is space for empty and full boxes on the machine.
-Machine is easy to operate and there is no special training involved.

Harvesting of Raspberry (Polana)