Combine for harvesting raspberries, blackberries and blueberries SP-13

Tehničke karakteristike

Length: 4,6 m
Width: 2,7 m
Height: 2,9 m
Weight: 3 t
Working speed: 1,8 km/h
Transporting speed: 10 km/h
Power by engine: Disel engine 35HP

Conditions for mechanical harvest

- Minimum distance between the rows must be 2 m
- Maximum height of the pillars and the plants in the row must be 2 m.


In one day of work, one Harvesting machine can harvest 5ha. To harvest 5ha manually, it is necessary to hire 100 workers.


Harvesting machine can harvest only technologically ripe fruits (it is not case in manual harvest). These fruits have the most quality and maximum weight. Using harvesting machine, problem with deficit of workers in harvesting season is solved so fruit producers can make bigger plantations.


Mechanically harvested fruits are good for processing because they are equally ripped. In mechanical harvest there is no direct contact between the workers and fruits so fruits are micro-biologically clean.


- Harvesting machine for raspberries and blackberries is designed as a self-driven agricultural machine.
- Harvesting is based on a system of vibrations in the fruit tree. These vibrations induce fruits to decline without any damages.
- Advantage of mechanical harvesting is that only ripe fruits can be harvested.
- Once declined, fruit falls on a conveyer which carries it to the fan. The fan removes leaves, branches… and clean fruit comes into the boxes.
- Harvester has a specially developed leveling system which allows harvesting on a slope terrain.
- Machine is operated by minimum of three workers: driver of the machine and two workers for removing boxes and controlling fruits.

Harvesting machine for raspberry and blackberry